Crown Green Bowls draw

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FEDERATION of Crown Green Bowls National League Championship match (Division Five) to be held on Saturday, May 14, South Lakes v Bolton. First game at 2pm.

Home venue, Bowling Green, Lancaster: M Martindale (Cumberland), D Kirby (Warton), G Liver (Cumberland), A Parry (Carnforth), M Norcross (Bowling Green), A Beaumont (Warton), K Dodd (Galgate), P Eccles (Cumberland), D Lofthouse (Bowling Green), H Sherry (Warton), S Ashburn (K A Hale), D Liley (Cumberland). Res: A Smith, J Read, B Palmer.

Away at Bolton: M Ashburn (K A Hale), D Cragg (Lune Road), T Dennison (Levens), I Liley (Cumberland), M Simpson (Netherfield), J Dennison (Carnforth), A Gilpin (K A Hale), M Simpson (K A Hale), P Dennison (Warton), L Walling (Dolphinholme), B Simm (Lune Road), B Lynch (Cumberland). Res: T Stackhouse, R Crompton.

Away team to meet at Skerton Lib at 11am.