Busy week for cyclists

AS MID-summer approaches the weekends are as busy as the midweek evenings for local cycle sport and last weekend was one of the busiest.

Massed start road racing was taken care of with the Wheelbase Cycles sponsored Morecambe Bay Two Day.

The event comprised of four stages starting on Saturday morning with a 3Km time trial on Aughton Road starting near the Gressingham Road junction and finishing at the brow of the hill, past Aughton village, before the road drops down to join Kirby Lonsdale Road.

The race organiser Geoff Newcombe decided to extend the prologue time trial from last year’s shorter version which finished before the village in order to give larger time differences going into the first RR stage later in the morning.

A long, steady incline in to a rising headwind on Aughton Road and then finishing up a long climb with a nasty steep section at the bottom achieved his aim with 1:23 separating the first and last rider.

It was interesting to note that all of the top three placed riders used lo-pro bars, the time being made on the first part of the course.

Calum Nicholson, Team Wallis Cycles, won in a time of 7:30 with James Gullen also Team Wallis Cycles and Craig Battersby (Team Bglobal) credited with a tie for second place with times rounded to a second.

Stage Two, a 50-mile road race on the Aughton circuit, saw VanillaBikes.com’s Jack Pullar take the victory in a nine-rider sprint for the line and again, Gullen and Battersby could not be separated in sixth and seventh spots.

A similar state of affairs remained after Stage Three, a 25 mile criterium on the Salt Ayre circuit later on Saturday. Jake Hales (Team Corley Cycles) won the mass sprint finish from VanillaBikes.com’s Adam Norris and, as is the custom in massed start racing, the bunch containing both Gullen and Battersby were all credited with the same time.

And they could not be separated in the fourth and final stage, an 84 mile road race at Bardsea, Ulverston, which Jamie Shirlaw (Herbalife-Wheelbase) won from a four man breakaway, 15 seconds ahead of the bunch, but he was just eight seconds short of the 23 needed to take the overall lead.

Gullen and Battersby were still tied on a total time of 5:32:09 and the organisers had to go back to the decimal seconds on that first 3Km time trial to declare James Gullen the overall victor by just 3/100s of a second, about 30cm on the road, after nearly 160 miles of racing.

Jack Pullar, the joyous Stage Two victor, was a disconsolate third just four seconds adrift and Jamie Shirlaw fourth, a further three seconds back. Perhaps this is why the French have given the time trials or “la contre le montre” the nickname “the race of truth”.

Elsewhere last weekend three riders from Salt Ayre Cog Set braved unseasonably wet and cold conditions at the latest round of the National Youth Series held at Hetton Lyons Country Park near Sunderland.

These were the longest individual races in the series calendar over an undulating 1800m course. In the under 14s category Cog Set once again showed its strength with both John Didsbury and Fabian Brennan performing well.

The race over 28 laps, or 31 miles, was wet throughout, and while there were several attempts at breakaways none succeeded; eventually the group settled to grinding out the distance. Sprint laps at 19 laps to go and 10 to go were contested by a few riders, Brennan taking third and fourth, with James Ireson, Wolverhampton Wheelers, winning both.

Ireson would then go on to take the overall win in the final sprint with Brennan coming from sixth place in the final corner to finish second. John Didsbury held a good position throughout the race and was rewarded with a fifth place overall, his best result so far at national level.

In the under 12s, Cog Set’s Tyla Loftus found similar conditions to the older riders as they tackled 17 laps of the shorter 1,150m course. Series leaders Tomos Owens, Mid-Shropshire Wheelers, and Daniel Tulett, Hargroves Cycles, broke away early and retained their gap to the finish, with Owens taking the overall win. Building on an improving season Tyla rode well with the bunch and was able to take 13th place overall in the final, uphill sprint.

Second claim Cog Set member Matt Flynn, riding for Team Velocity 3-in-1, took his best result at national level with a fine 11th place overall.

There was open Time Trialling on both days last weekend when the Kent Valley Road Club promoted a 10 on Saturday evening and a 25 on Sunday morning both using the A590 based courses at Levens and both designated charity events – no prize money on offer but all proceeds going to the North West Air Ambulance.

Harry Armstrong (Berwick Wheelers), after a fruitless trip the previous weekend for the cancelled Lancaster CC event, was rewarded for making the long journey the second time with a win in the excellent time of 20:10 – just 11 seconds short of a 30mph+ 10.

Derek Parkinson from Cleveleys Road Club, a rider who has a string of times in excess of 30mph for 10s and 25 mile TTs to his name, was the clear winner by nearly two minutes of Sunday’s 25 with 51:51 from Michael Ellerton (Team Swift – Allsports) whose 53:45 was also two minutes ahead of third placed David Turner (Cleveleys RC) who recorded 55:45.

During the week the evening racing programme continues as normal. On Tuesday in the criterium racing at Salt Ayre once again it came down to a bunch sprint with Steve Ward (Maxgear RT) the clear winner and Matt Jones (New Brighton CC) just beating Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH) on the line to take second place.

Jones and Pearson have both ridden all 10 events in the series so far but Julian’s consistent good sprinting has given him nine top four places and leaves him at the top of the league table with 107 points to second placed Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) with 68 points.

He must not rest on his laurels however as in the second half of the series as riders reach their total of 15 counting events the final results come into focus. Jackson’s average points per event ridden is 9.7 and Julian’s is only 10.7 – watch this space!

The Kent Valley’s evening TT on Wednesday was a 25 mile TT using the club’s own version of the Leven’s 25 course which uses a short stretch of the Lythe Valley road instead of the leg heading off down to Lindale. Fastest rider was Cleveley’s RC’s Mike Smith but fastest from the club and club champion for the year was second placed Steve Hodgson who recorded 58:23.

Finally, Thursday again saw a large turnout for the Lancaster CC/Salt Ayre Cog Set’s evening TTs on the Salt Ayre circuit. A total of 63 riders started the events – 12 at two miles; 24 at six miles and 27 at 10 miles – with Mylene Bertrand, Calum Young and John Ingham the victors respectively. It takes a team of at least eight to ensure the smooth running of these evening events and as the series enters the second half of the season the organisers are running out of volunteers to help.

Regular riders should consider foregoing one week to offer assistance and spectating parents of the younger riders are also welcome to help the core team who are there nearly every week.

Results: Salt Ayre Cycling Association/VannilaBikes.com League 2011 – Event 10 17/05/2011: 1 Steve Ward (Maxgear RT); 2 Matt Jones (New Brighton CC); 3 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH); 4 Gary Spencely (Team Biketreks); 5 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 6 James Claydon (Sportcity Velo); 7 Ben Dean (Clayton Velo); 8 Ashley Clitheroe (Red Rose Olympic); 9 Mike Wong (Lancaster CC); 10 Jerrod Hartley (Horwich CC); 1st Lady Eve Dixon (Maxgear RT); League Standings after 6 events: 1 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH) 107Points; 2 Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 68p; 3 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 62p; 4 Gary Spencely (BikeTreks RT) 51p; 5 Matt Jones (New Brighton CC).

KVRC – Levens/Lythe Valley 25 – 15/06/2011: 1 Mike Smith (Cleveleys RC) 54:54; 2 Steve Hodgson 58:23; 3 Paul Russell (Cleveleys RC) 59:33; 4 Lynn Hamel (L) (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 1:00:12; 5 Ian Jackson 1:00:25; 6 Tim Bennett 1:00:29; 7 Dave Wilkinson 1:01:13; 8 Tom Gibson 1:01:52; 9 Matt Flynn (J) 1:01:56; 10 Chris Stilling 1:02:15; 11 Glenn Haworth 1:02:43; 12 Simon Overing 1:04:10; 13 Andrew Mullaney (Cleveleys RC) 1:04:28; 14 Chris Kennedy 1:04:59; 15 Neil Fort (Preston Whs) 1:05:33; 16 Richard Belk 1:06:57; 17 Rob Duesbury 1:07:51; 18 Neil Stirling 1:08:02; 19 Kris Baldock 1:09:36; 20 Fred Pickstone 1:12:05; 21 Ann Nicholson (L) 1:14:53; 22 Emily Clark (L) 1:15:54.

Lancaster CC/SA CogSet – Salt Ayre TTs – 16/06/2011: Two miles: 1 Mylene Bertrand 7:03; 2 Mia Johnson 7:28; 3 Ben Hamilton 7:29; 4 Theo Parkinson 7:34; 5 Flo Horton 7:36; 6 Rhys Ashton 7:42; 7 Louise Didsbury 8:14; 8 Amelia Hirst 8:24; 9 Abby Trowse 8:39; 10 Lewis Trowse 9:04; 11 Alex Hirst 9:51; 12 Alice Bertrand 11:35; SIX MILES: 1 Callum Young 14:26; 2 Nic Bertrand 14:31; 3 John Didsbury 15:27; 4 Matthew Shackleton 15:54; 5 Jess Atkinson 16:40; 6 Mark Shackleton 16:58; 7 Sam Monkhouse 16:59; 8 Sue Holden 18:43; 9 Stephen Brown 18:51; 10 Nigel Neil 18:53; 11 Zoe Hamilton 19:02; =12 Bailey Johnson 19:08; =12 Laura Ibison 19:08; 14 Will Hunt 19:13; 15 George Wharton 19:57; 16 Ross Dorrington 20:09; 17 ethan robertson 20:10; 18 Ffion Ashton 20:11; 19 Bobby Horton 20:15; 20 Ben Hamilton 20:25; 21 Amy Monkhouse 20:32; 22 Jamie Morphet 20:40; 23 Oscar Carrrick 23:26; TEN MILES: 1 John Ingham 22:42; 2 Tom Phillips 23:38; 3 Tim Norton 24:00; 4 Mark Monkhouse 24:11; 5 Paul Tynan 24:40; 6 David Trotter 24:51; 7 Adrian Hamilton 24:51; 8 Dave Horton 25:35; 9 John Carr 25:38; 10 Andrew Parker 25:43; 11 Alex King 25:45; 12 Jon Barry 25:50; 13 Ken Peasnell 25:53; 14 Peter Hailwood 25:53; 15 Howard Hirst 25:58; 16 Garry Potts 26:07; 17 Matthew Hirst 26:23; 18 George Bell 27:45; 19 Louise McCall 27:56; 20 Andrew Richardson 28:00; 21 Jez Carrick 28:36; 22 Jane Applegarth 29:01; 23 Ian Bailey 29:40; 24 Jack Pullar 30:15; 25 James Hulme 30:45; 26 Sandra Ashton 31:25.

KVRC – Levens Charity 10 – 18/06/2011: 1 Harry Armstrong (Berwick Wheelers) 20:10; 2 Jack Green (VC St Raphael) 20:27; 3 Ian Stott (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 20:30; 4 David A Robinson (Tyneside Vagabonds) 20:33; 5 David Turner (Cleveleys RC) 21:02; Lancaster CC Times: 7 John Ingham 21:06; 53 Phil Barnes Lancaster CC 22:32; Kent Valley RC times: 49 Andrew Barlow 22:25; 74 Stewart Mounsey 23:37; 81 Glenn Howarth 24:31; 87 Tony Dixon 24:39; 94 Neil Stirling 25:31; 102 Anne Nicholson 28:00.

KVRC – Levens Charity 25 – 19/06/2011: 1 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 51:51; 2 Michael Ellerton (Team Swift - Allsports) 53:45; 3 David Turner (Cleveleys RC) 55:45; 4 Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers) 55:48; 5 Julian Markham (Preston CC) 55:57; Kent Valley RC times: 19 Andrew Barlow 59:43; 25 Steve Hodgson 1:00:36; 26 Tim Bennett 1:00:37; 7 Fred Pickstone 1:13:34; 45 Ken Peasnell (Lancaster CC) 1:10:40.

Morecambe Bay Two Day sponsored by Wheelbase Cycles: Stage One (3km TT) – Aughton – 18/06/2011: 1 Calum Nicholson (TeamWallis CHH) 7:30; 2 James Gullen (TeamWallis CHH) 7:33; 3 Craig Battersby (Bglobal) 7:33; 4 Stephen Leigh (Bglobal) 7:45; 5 Ian Taylor (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 7:48.

Stage Two (50 Mile Road Race) – Aughton – 18/06/2011: 1 Jack Pullar (VanillaBikes.com) 1:32:11; 2 Simon Wilson (CyclePremier/Metaltek); 3 Stuart Reid (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 4 Robert Ormrod (Manchester Whls); 5 Anthony Greenhalgh (Maxgear RT) all same time.

Stage Three (25 Mile Criterium) – Salt Ayre – 18/06/2011: 1 Jake Hales (Corley Cycles) 1:14:10; 2 Adam Norris (Vanilla Bikes); 3 Simon Wilson (CyclePremier/Metaltek); 4 Stuart Reid (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 5 Anthony Greenhalgh (Maxgear RT) all same time.

Stage Four (84 Mile Road Race) – Bardsea/Ulverston – 19/06/2011: 1 Jamie Shirlaw (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 2:38:00; 2 Peter Murdock (Team Cyclelane); 3 Milan Sihelsky (Kuota Spinergy); 4 Jack Pullar (VanillaBikes.com) all same time; 5 Jake Hales (Corley Cycles) at 15sec.

Final overall: 1 James Gullen (TeamWallis CHH) 5:32:09; 2 Craig Battersby (Bglobal) same time; 3 Jack Pullar (VanillaBikes) at 4sec; 4 Jamie Shirlaw (Herbalife/Wheelbase) at 7sec; 5 Simon Wilson (Cycle Premier/Metaltek) at 16sec.