Marcin and Callum to fight at York Hall

Marcin Lewicki has his hand raised.
Marcin Lewicki has his hand raised.

Skerton Boxing Club have two senior boxers representing the club in the National Senior final to be held at the famous boxing venue York Hall Bethnal Green in London this Saturday.

Callum Rodriguez (18)gained a bye to the final when his opponent failed to make the weight in the semi finals and will box at 49kg in the final on Saturday.

Marcin Lewicki (20) boxed on Saturday in Mexborough near Doncaster in the semi final against Louis Brown (24) of Merridale Boxing Club of the Midlands.

Lewicki was up against it before the bout started as he was giving away a weight difference of over a stone by weighing in at 84kg, his opponent hitting the scales at 91kg.

There was also a huge height difference with Lewicki standing at 5’ 11 whereas Brown stood at 6’ 4”.

However, this didn’t deter hard hitting Lewicki who started the first round by landing some heavy body shots and some stunning head blows that made Brown realise any advantage he may have thought he had was not going to play a part.

As the second round was coming to a close Lewicki landed a stunning back hand that knocked Brown through the ropes and the referee stepped in to give a standing eight count.

After the count he called the doctor to ringside to look at a cut that had opened up over Brown’s left eye due to the heavy shot.

The doctor allowed the bout to continue but Brown looked shaken with blood pouring down the front of his white vest.

The boxers again stood toe to toe in the third round and the war continued but Brown took a body shot that sank him to his knees for another standing eight count.

Brown knew he would need a KO to win and started the fourth round at a high pace trying to land big bombs on Lewicki, but in doing so left himself open to Lewicki’s counter shots that landed time and time again.

He managed to see out the round but Lewicki’s hand was raised as unanimous winner.

He and Callum Rodriguez now box in the National Seniors final at York Hall Bethnal Green London on Saturday.

This is a huge achievement for Skerton Boxing Club as there are only five boxers from the North West representing the region and Skerton are the only club with two boxers from the same club.