Kendal plays host to Boxing night

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KENDAL Town Hall was the venue on Thursday last week for a night of international boxing.

Lancaster ABC were represented by Marcin Lewicki and Joy Atherton. Marcin was pitted against M Shroeder who hails from the German city of Vitten.

From the opening bell it became apparent that Marcin was a class above his European opponent and with a few stiff jabs, the German became more and more defensive.

Through the second and third rounds Marcin appeared to land his solid punches at will and cruised to the end with his opponent barely landing anything of note.

The fight of the night however was a female contest between Lancaster ABC’s Joy Atherton and local rival J Miller from Kendal.

Landing with pulsating jabs and right crosses, knocking her opponents’ head back several times, Joy took control of the first round.

The second round was much closer with both girls connecting with some telling shots and with the bell looming, Miller landed three or four unanswered jabs to just shade it.

The third round was again too close to call with both girls appearing to cancel each other out. When the bell for the final round ended it was anyone’s guess who had won.

Although the decision went to Miller, Joy can be very proud of her progression and maybe in her next bout she can make it third time lucky.