Fury predicted Haye pull-out from £10million superfight

Tyson Fury.
Tyson Fury.
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Tyson Fury predicted David Haye wouldn’t make it to the ring for their British heavyweight superfight in an exclusive interview with The Visitor just days before the former world champion was forced to postpone their clash at the Manchester Arena on September 28.

Speaking to our chief reporter Greg Lambert ahead of the biggest fight of his life the unbeaten Morecambe giant said he hadn’t gone face-to-face with Haye at a press conference as “he might pull out”.

The former WBA heavyweight king suffered a serious gash above his left eye in his final sparring session which caused the £10 million clash to be postponed.

When asked about refusing to do the traditional staredown, Fury said: “I don’t agree with conventional things in life.

“I’m not a follower, I’m a leader. I don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps, I make new ones.

“Everybody does that stupid staredown. Everyone’s expecting it.

“The only staredown David Haye’s going to get is my piercing eyes through him when he’s in the ring.

“I don’t want to look at him too much before that in case he sees the fire in my eyes, gets scared and cancels the fight. He might pull out.”

Fury also revealed that he was planning to replicate his singing antics if he beat Haye which fans first witnessed after his last victory over Steve Cunningham at New York’s Madison Square Garden in April.

He said: “You’re going to see a victory song for sure.

“I don’t know what it will be yet, I’ll sing whatever comes to mind.”

And the former Irish heavyweight champion also thanked the people of Morecambe for their messages of support and urged the resort to get behind him on his way to the world heavyweight title.

He said: “Thanks for everybody’s good luck messages on Twitter.

“I’m the next heavyweight champion of the world and I live in Morecambe.”