Supporters invited to help boost Lancaster City’s wage budget

Lancaster City fans look on during a recent game at Giant Axe. Picture: Tony North
Lancaster City fans look on during a recent game at Giant Axe. Picture: Tony North

A dedicated group of Lancaster City supporters are hoping more people will sign up to the club’s fans’ fund.

Last season 44 supporters helped contribute £200 a week to Darren Peacock and Trevor Sinclair’s wage budget with the scheme now set to enter its third season.

The figure is already set to rise by a further £10 come August after nearly £7,500 was handed over to Giant Axe directors last season.

Steve Wright, the treasurer on a committee of four who run the scheme, said: “The money has been very important to the club in respect of how much money the club can pay in wages.

“The more money going in takes pressure off other aspects of the running of the club too.

“There has been ground improvements and I think what we do has freed up some money for that.

“In the future I think it will help the club become more financially self-supporting.

“There’s a lot of teams in this league with a lot of money so I think this is important.”

Despite fears the scheme might fizzle out after early enthusiasm, it has enjoyed two successful seasons with the club receiving a healthy sum at the start of each month.

Steve said: “To be honest I thought that might happen.

“But Mark Knight the vice-chairman and Stuart Houghton the chairman have both regularly expressed that it’s very important.

“I don’t want to overstate it but it helps with what the club can pay in wages.

“Last season we paid £200 a week over 37 weeks.

“It’s a fair amount of money for supporters to put into the club.”

Anyone wanting more information on how to get involved can email Steve on