Neil Marshall column: We need to improve in the second half

Neil Marshall. Picture: Tony North
Neil Marshall. Picture: Tony North

There’s a common theme developing at the moment which we need to cut out sooner rather than later.

Spennymoor are a good side to be fair and deserved their win on Tuesday night.

In the first half I thought we matched them, it was an even game with both sides having chances, but in the second half we started poorly again. It’s becoming a regular occurrence.

It was an unstoppable goal (from Liam Henderson) to be honest but after that we put our heads down and just couldn’t get back into it.

It’s vital from now on that we start making good starts to the second half because after the break we’re just not performing at the moment.

We gave Spennymoor a bit of impetus and they took advantage of it.

I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t think the gaffer or anyone else can.

It’s definitely something to work on and something that we can’t let happen in the FA Cup at Droylsden on Saturday.

It’s a big game. We played there a few weeks ago and drew one apiece when we should have won by three or four really.

So it’s great chance to put things right after Tuesday night.

There are some big teams left in the competition so to get Droylsden who aren’t full of confidence gives us a good opportunity.

It’ll be more money in the bank if we can get the win and who knows in the next round we could get a nice home draw.