Neil Marshall column: Final game is going to be different

Lancaster City captain Neil Marshall.
Lancaster City captain Neil Marshall.

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to feel on Saturday.

I’ve been thinking about my final game all week and it’s certainly going to be at bit different at Giant Axe this weekend.

It will be sad but it’s just hard to know how it will all go and I really don’t know what to expect.

It’s my last competitive game and certainly during the match itself I’ll be treating it like any other game during my 10 years at the club.

I just want to win and I’ll put everything into helping us beat New Mills and finish sixth.

The difficult moments might come before and after the game in the changing room. Getting ready for the last time and then saying goodbye at the final whistle are both certainly going to be strange.

But on the field a game is game for me and if there’s a tackle to be won I’ll be giving it my all as I always have done.

People will look at the game and think it’s almost a testimonial before my testimonial against Liverpool Legends on Tuesday night with New Mills bottom of the table.

But we battled for victory at Scarborough to move up to sixth and we need a win to make sure we stay there.

Considering where we’ve come from finishing sixth would be a great achievement, especially when you throw in reaching the Lancashire Trophy final and running Chorley close as well.

I did say I wanted to the lead City out in the cup final and reach the play-offs in my final season and we’ve certainly given it a really good go.

If a couple of draws could have been turned into wins then maybe it could have been the dream finish but it’s all well and good looking back in hindsight. Things are never that easy.

I’m just looking forward to my two final games at Giant Axe now and finishing on a high.