Neil Marshall column: Christmas is my target for return from operation

Glenn Steel heads a Ryan Elderton corner over the bar against Northwich.
Glenn Steel heads a Ryan Elderton corner over the bar against Northwich.

I’m not good at watching games that I should be playing in but it was good to go to the game on Saturday.

It was nice to get a couple of hours out of the house and see the lads.

We never really looked in trouble but didn’t really create a lot of chances.

It was a decent performance, though, and it’s all about the result.

As a defender I always like to see a clean sheet, too, and hopefully that can continue over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas when I’m hoping to be back.

After having lymph nodes taken out of my groin because they contained cancerous cells it’s slow going but I’m getting there eventually.

I’ve got some drains in, which I’m hoping to get out soon because I can’t really get around at the moment.

They should be sorted this week and then I’ll be able to get out and about and do some recovery work.

The doctors told me it would be a month after the surgery before I could play again but I’m just going to have to see when I’m ready.

It’s great news that Jordan Connerton is back at the club.

I’ve known Connie since we were kids and he’s obviously a natural goalscorer.

I just hope he can get fit and stay fit because he’s struggled with injuries since he left for Crewe.

But I saw him at the game on Saturday and he seemed to be pleased with the latest operation and said things were coming along well in terms of his fitness.

In a few games this season we’ve got ourselves 1-0 up and had chances to make it two, three or four and not taken them.

Connie is certainly someone who can take those chances and make sure of results.

Finally I just like to say a big thank you to the fans.

When they heard I wasn’t working because of my op they clubbed together and handed some money over at the game on Saturday.

I’m really, really grateful and financially it’s helped my family out massively.