Lancaster City Ladies return to league

Lancaster City Ladies FC.
Lancaster City Ladies FC.

Lancaster City Ladies will be back playing league football this season.

The Dolly Blues’ female side have rejoined the second division of the Lancashire FA Women’s County League and on Sunday played in their first 11-a-side match since pulling out of the league last year.

The game ended in a friendly defeat to Accrington but secretary Moira Lamb insists there’s plenty to look forward to.

She said: “We see the coming season very much as a continuing development year.

“We are a very young team and have players of mixed ability some of which have only just taken up football.

“Historically it has been difficult for females to take up the game and although it is getting a little easier for young girls to start playing it can be difficult for young women who have never been involved before to give it a go if they want to.

“At Lancaster City we would encourage any women who want to give football a shot to come a long and have a go.”

Anyone wanting to start training aged 14 and above can email or call Moira on 07585 746746.