Hesketh sickened by crowd violence

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DISGRACEFUL and sickening. Lancaster City manager Tony Hesketh pulled no punches as he slammed Saturday’s shameful crowd trouble and says those involved should be ashamed of themselves.

The City boss, along with players from both sides, tried to calm the crowd but says his efforts were pointless.

He said: “I watched it for 10, maybe 15, minutes and it was awful to witness, sickening. I tried to talk to a group – you could smell the alcohol on them from a distance – but there was no reasoning with them.

“It was disgraceful behaviour, they were all clearly very drunk and to be honest when you see things like that the game pales into insignificance.”

The City boss did not lay the blame at either side but was disappointed with the Lancaster fans involved.

He said: “Those involved from our side should be ashamed, that’s not what we are about at Lancaster City football club. I saw one young lady with her daughter stood very close to the fighting, I was urging her to move along, it’s just not what you want to see.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (20-10-11) for full story.