Morecambe will not rush in to new sponsorship deal for Globe Arena

Morecambe FC's Globe Arena.
Morecambe FC's Globe Arena.

Morecambe FC will not be rushed into finding a new ground sponsor.

Globe Management Construction went under last August but The Shrimps’ home will still continue to carry the name of the Warrington firm that built their Westgate ground as the search for a new partner goes on.

Morecambe FC's General Manager Mark Dixon.

Morecambe FC's General Manager Mark Dixon.

Shrimps General Manager Mark Dixon says the deal is key to the future of the football club and is one that they “need to get right”.

He told The Visitor: “We’ve done locally, we’re now looking regionally and nationally for a company to come and see the opportunity of Morecambe Football Club.

“What we don’t want to do is have multiple changes. You’re looking for a longer-term partner.

“The Globe, more by luck than design, is a generic term and we’re not hurting anybody and we’re not advertising a company that isn’t paying for it simply because they’re not in existence any more.

“We’ve been given the opportunity to leave it as the status quo.

“We have had discussions and in some cases have got fairly far along the process unfortunately it hasn’t happened as yet.

“It is a major partnership and needs due diligence and plenty of forethought and that process continues.

“It is a big one for the football club and we need to get it right.”

Another major partnership that continues to be worked on in the background is The Shrimps’ link-up with Shanghai Clever.

Revealed with a charity tournament back in September with a view to Morecambe heading to the Far East to help with training and youth development there have been no concrete announcements thus far about the club fronted by former Crystal Palace player Fan Zhiyi.

Mr Dixon insists however that all the work going on in the background will become clear in time.

He said: “It’s a moving and evolving process.

“The people we’re dealing with in China are still the same ones but the focus has shifted slightly.

“It is all still about the youth and partnerships. It was never about simply money investment. It’s more to look more a longer term partnerships beyond my time and Peter’s (McGuigan, chairman) time that will help and make this football club as stable as we possibly can.

“It’s difficult to talk about certain things because there are so many football clubs who are trying to sign partnerships.

“It’s moving along and there are certainly potential for things to be happening around here in the next six months that when it happens would make it fairly obvious why the work has had to be put in.”

Mr Dixon, who runs the club on a day-to-day basis having previously been commercial director, is pleased with how things are progressing off the field in terms of both conferencing and events and work in the community.

The club were recently honoured at the Stadium Events and Hospitality Awards as they went up against the likes of Blackpool, Bolton and rugby clubs Saracen and Wasps.

It is “massive” for the club according to Mr Dixon who says non-matchday revenues are up 15 per cent year-on-year.

He said: “We have two teams, Jim (Bentley, manager) runs one and I run the other.

“They’re both critical to each other and the future of Morecambe Football Club.

“It says Morecambe Football Club above the door, it will always say Morecambe Football Club above the door but football is 30 days a year so it’s absolutely key that we have this other entity that now works in tandem.

“One can’t survive without the other.”