Morecambe boss Bentley: Exeter draw summed up our home form

Jim Bentley.
Jim Bentley.

Jim Bentley felt his side’s draw with Exeter on Tuesday night summed up their form at the Globe Arena.

The Shrimps boss said his side lacked a spark as they drew 1-1 in their first home game since December 1.

He said: “Away from home we’ve cracked it and we came back home after four points on the road and it was a big opportunity.

“But it looked like it was building up and the game was going to ignite and it just fizzled out time and again.

“You’re waiting for a spark and I think it was the same for both sides.

“It just lacked that and that’s what you need at home. I don’t think anyone played poorly but I don’t think anyone played to their full potential if I’m being honest.

“It just sums us up at home. We haven’t ignited properly, we haven’t got going, we haven’t shown our true form.

“The lads had a good go and we started the second half fantastically well but we didn’t stop the ball into the box for their goal.

“Overall it’s a fair result but we need a little bit more.”

The major downer for Bentley was losing both Shaun Beeley and Tom Barkhuizen to injury.

The Shrimps boss did however indicate post match he was closing in on the signing on a full back on loan having already added Manchester United goalkeeper Kieran O’Hard to his squad on Tuesday.

Bentley said: “Tom’s did look a nasty one.

“Barry’s (Roche) a big unit and he's caught Tom as he came to claim the ball.

“He’s got a rib problem and is really struggling to breath, fingers crossed it’s nothing major, it’s just a nasty bang.

“It doesn’t look great when he’s coming off with oxygen but hopefully he’ll be okay.

“Shaun Beeley rolled his ankle so we’re down to 16 fit players now.

“We brought O’Hara in today and it looks like we’ve got a full back in too.

“We want more because you’re going to need back-up and can’t have six or seven games in the next four weeks with 16 players including two goalkeepers.

“Hopefully we can do a bit more business, I’m just trying to call in a couple of favours off the big boys.”