Skerton ABC changes name to Hughies Gym

Skerton Boxing Club has had an official name change and is now known as Hughies Gym to honour the founder of the gym, the late Hughie Fury

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 10:23 am
Jamie Proctor (left) was victorious, despite stepping in at short notice.
Jamie Proctor (left) was victorious, despite stepping in at short notice.

He is the uncle and former trainer of former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury. He sadly passed away in 2014.

The club now train at the gym on his land in Skerton, Lancaster, and wish to continue the success he instilled at the club.

The legacy was in full flow on a show in Manchester recently with Dinnie Bartley Kelly (17) representing the club in a bout against Michael Metcalfe from Larches and Savick Boxing Club.

kelly started the first round with explosive punching that put the Preston boxer on the backfoot, unable to handle the ferocious power and relentless shots coming at him.

As the round was ending Kelly landed a left hook to the body and Metcalfe took a knee, the referee administered a standing eight count that took the round to an end.

The start of the second was no different with Kelly punishing his opponent and trapping him against the ropes with heavy shots landing at will.

Metcalfe’s corner had seen enough and threw the towel in to save their boxer from taking any further punishment, and Kelly had his hand raised as winner by TKO.

On Friday, January 17, there were four boxers representing the club on a show at the Cumbria Grand Hotel in Grange. Originally, there were only three boxers down to fight, but a pull out by another club’s boxer left the headline heavyweight bout in jeopardy until Jamie Procter agreed to stand in as a last second replacement.

Jamie had originally only travelled to support the other boxers on the show but had his kit with him and saved the day by agreeing to box.

The first bout for Hughies Gym was Owney Kelly (13), younger brother of Dinnie, and he was in against home club boxer, Kendal’s J. Green.

Kelly started the bout showing off his excellent footwork and combinations , looking like a seasoned professional rather than a boxer in his first outing in a ring.

The second round was much of the same with yhr Hughies Gym fighter outclassing his opponent, landing good head and body shots at will.

The third round was more of the same,Kelly stepping up the pace and the crowd showed their appreciation of skills from such a young boxer by raising the noise level with every punch that landed.

At the end of the bout it was clear who had won and kelly had his hand raised by the referee. Next up was Zak Trainor and he was up against J. Moses from the very tough Barrow ABC.

Both boxers were adamant they were not going to give an inch, with both boxers landing heavy shots to the head.

Trainor took a standing eight count towards the end of the first round after a clear straight shot landed flush, but he got to the end of the round ready for more action.

The second round was just as ferocious as the first with both boxers throwing shots and not giving an inch. As the round was coming to an end Moses stepped the pace up and landed a flurry of unanswered shots and seasoned referee Alvin Finch stepped in to administer another standing eight count, he then called the bout off.

Next up was Jack Townson Hughes, again stepping in to the ring for the first time competitively for Hughies Gym.

Townson was up against Cheetham from Furness Catholic Gym , of Barrow.

The first round started and Townson was throwing and landing at will with heavy shots that looked to be shaking the Barrow boxer.

The second round saw Cheetham fight back and the two warriors stood toe to toe, exchanging shots in a very close round.

The third round saw Townson pick up the pace and was firing shots from all angles and landed some very big head shots, but Cheetham fired back with some of his own in a thrilling bout.

The referee had the boxers in the centre of the ring as the result was announced and Townson had his hand raised in a unanimous decision for the Hughies Gym team.

Lastly came Procter, he was against 6’ 7” giant Jim Braithwaite of Barrow ABC.

Braithwaite is a regular sparring partner for Tyson Fury, so he has vast experience, but Proctor started the first round going gung ho and throwing everything he could at Braithwaite and had some success with some very hard shots to the 

In the second round, Proctor stepped the pace up and Braithwaite held up his side of the battle by standing toe to toe in what was turning into a slugfest that had the crowd on their feet.

The start of the third was electric with both boxers giving their all in what was to be a standout round for Procter, he landed the more telling shots.

The referee called both boxers to the centre of the ring and Procter had his hand raised as unanimous winner rounding off a great night for Hughies Gym boxers.