Impressive Tatham stops Wild inside two rounds in Manchester

Bentham’s Tomi Thatham impressively stopped opponent Carl Wild inside two rounds at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on Saturday night.

Thursday, 29th October 2015, 9:59 am
Tomi Tatham celebrates after his second round victory over Carl Wild. Picture: Karen Priestley.

The big punching light-heavyweight took his professional record to 9-1 when referee Mark Lyson stepped in to rescue the Sheffield fighter after Tatham unleashed a barrage of power punches to both the head and body.

When asked for his thoughts on the fight, Tomi said: “Usually I go in and give everything to try and KO them from the first bell. I kept cool for the first round boxing behind my jab, establishing the centre and not showing too much.

“I felt like I hadn’t given enough first round, but it’s what Karl wanted and looking back on the fight, I was busier than I thought.

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“Second round I showed him a bit more and sank some crippling body shots in. As soon as I got him on the ropes I could see all these openings that I don’t usually see as I’m too focused on trying to walk through the opponent.

“So when I saw the opportunity, I took it. “

Despite being a renowned puncher, the win over Wild was Tatham’s first stoppage win since March 2013.

Tomi added: “I was known for being a big puncher, everyone said where’s the punch gone? It’s just that I knew it and loaded up too much, making me obvious and slow.

“I was calm and composed on Saturday, like in my first few fights, and it paid off.

“Two years of frustration, a loss and injuries, got taken out on Wild that night. I needed that knockout, my fans needed it.”

Tomi also took the time to praise his supporters. He said: “My supporters are the best, the loudest and most passionate .

I hear them and it roars me on. It used to send me into a punching frenzy so counterproductive but now I’m channeling it in a positive way. “

The Bentham man may still fight again later in the year as he sets his sights on a title fight.

“I thought I was done with 2015 but I may be back out in December.

“I find out this week so I was back in the gym Monday and will carry on training hard just incase. 2016 is my year, I have so much more to give and I’m hungrier than ever. I will be champion.”