Hughies Gym fighters shine on Carlisle show

Hughies Gym had five boxers representing the club on a show in Carlisle hosted by Kendal ABC last Friday.

Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 11:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 11:52 am
Owney Kelly was victorious.

First in the ring was Owney Kelly (13) who was against home club boxer Jake Ryan.

Owney showed his class throughout the full three rounds, dominating the Kendal boxer and winning clearly with a masterclass of skilful boxing as the club has come to expect of this young warrior.

Next in for Hughies Gym was Owney’s older brother Dinnie (17) against the more experienced, heavier opponent from Seaham ABC Ben Milford.

Dinnie is an explosive boxer who fights in the style of Mike Tyson, and this display was reminiscent of the former heavyweight world champion, lasting only 24


Dinnie started quickly, landing heavy punishing body shots that his opponent could not withstand, the referee stepped in to give a standing eight count, but Milford’s coaches threw in the towel after seeing their boxer unable to live with the power Kelly had.

Next in for Hughies Gym was Zak Trainor, boxing Jordan Dix from Barrow ABC.

This bout started at a fast pace and Trainor clearly won the first round, landing the more telling shots.

In the second, Trainor landed a clean right hand to the head of his opponent who fell to the canvas and was given a standing eight count.

The third round saw Trainor tire and the Barrow boxer stepped up the pace and put Zak under pressure, he was happy to hear the final bell but his coaches believed he had done enough in the first two rounds to secure the win but the result went against Zak.

Up fourth for the club was Walter Fury, first cousin of Tyson, and back boxing for the first time in a few years, so it was expected there would be ring rust.

Walter was boxing the more experienced Josh Bruney from Preston and Fulwood ABC.

Walter is a tall rangy boxer like his cousin and ring rust never entered the equation with Walter dominating all three rounds with a masterclass of hit and move boxing.

After the final bell, Walter had his hand raised as an unanimous points winner.

Last in the ring for Hughies Gym was Andy Evans, a former soldier who is now fighting his battles in the squared circle.

Andy was up against Barrow ABC boxer Phil Cubin, a tough good all round boxer who had definitely come for a fight.

The first round was an all action affair with Andy edging it, the second was much the same with both boxers having their successes.

Moving in to the third Andy stepped up the pace and put Cubin under more pressure and landed the cleaner shots, at the end of the round both boxers knew they had been in a tough bout and showed their respect to each other.

The decision was announced and Evans had his hand raised as the unanimous winner.

Once again Hughies Gym had a great night of success on the circuit.

The club will be hosting a show at The Carelton on Saturday, May 23, where the club will be showcasing the local talent, tickets will be available soon.