Lancashire nostalgia in 1984: Trevor quits North End, custard pie Prince and Jagger's car

Millionaire businessman Trevor Hemmings has stepped down from the board at Preston North EndMillionaire businessman Trevor Hemmings has stepped down from the board at Preston North End
Millionaire businessman Trevor Hemmings has stepped down from the board at Preston North End
Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1984:

Too busy Trevor quits Preston North End

Former vice-chairman Trevor Hemmings has resigned from the Preston North End board... but will continue to help the struggling Football League club.

Mr Hemmings, the millionaire managing director of Bass Holidays, a group which includes Pontins, is the club’s biggest shareholder.

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He is also the man whose guarantees to the bank were the main reason why the club was able to keep going without danger of insolvency in the period from 1973 until plans were made for the board reorganisation which was completed nearly 14 months ago.

Mr Hemmings said: “As a life-long fan, I was honoured when Mr Jones asked me to join the board and was delighted to be able to provide a £75,000 guarantee to enable the club to be put on a sound financial base.

“But my position with Bass has meant me spending most of my time at the Pontin head office in Bournemouth and has stopped me getting to most board meetings in recent years.

“I have therefore decided that it would not be correct for me to continue as a director of the club because I can not see any change in my circumstances in the future.”

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Kati’s getting sick of slapstick life

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Slapstick schoolgirl Kati Slater’s life is turning into a comedy.

Ever since the Leyland teenager threw a custard pie at Prince Charles, life has become a joke.

But Kati isn’t too pleased because most of the time she says the laughs are on her.

Since her antics won national recognition last month, 15-year-old Kati has been touring the North West sticking her famous custard pies on all sorts of unsuspecting people.

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Now, she is even being paid for it, with proceeds going to her local theatre group.

Said Kati: “My friends think it is hilarious but it is beginning to get me down a bit. I have received a couple of nasty letters complaining about me hitting the Prince and I am a bit tired of the publicity.”

Breda likes driving in her car - for it once belonged to Jagger

If housewife Breda Nash is feeling stoned, it’s no wonder. For husband Keith has just won the car of her dreams.

It’s 20-years-old and has seen better days.

But it belonged to her idol - Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.

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His blue Ford Galaxy was the prize in a national newspaper competition which asked contestants to complete a list of Stones record titles.

And butcher Keith, 30 - a competition fanatic - got plenty of satisfaction when he heard the news.

“It’s terrific,” he said after driving the American monster back up from London.

But Breda - a fan and Stones record collectors since the 60s - was also driven wild by the old vehicle registration document which came with the prize.

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It says the owner was Michael Philip Jagger of Munro Terrace, London... and it’s specially signed by the man himself.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” said mother-of-two Breda, 30, of Hornchurch Drive, Chorley. “We’ve never stopped giving friends and relatives a drive round in it.”

One snag is that they have had to find a secret place to keep it - and another is that they spent £42 in petrol getting it back from London.

But the 6.3 litre, 17½-foot-long, fully automatic convertible limousine is still one in a million for Breda.