Developer proposes new Lancaster homes on site with high risk of flooding

Proposals to build 210 new homes on “marshland” in Lancaster have been slammed by residents.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 2:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 3:09 pm
Land on the corner of Wyresdale Road and Grab Lane, Lancaster

Story Homes is proposing to submit a detailed planning application for {|210 “high quality new homes” on land at Grab Lane}, opposite Lancaster Leisure Park.

The Environment Agency lists Grab Lane as being located in Flood Zone 3 - an area with a high probability of flooding.

The developer said it will be consulting with key stakeholders and residents adjacent to this site, on their proposals for new homes, prior to submitting a full planning application to Lancaster Council in Winter 2019.

But residents have voiced concerns about the proposals.

Lee Sessions, of Pottery Gardens, said that “only a madman would build houses on that land”, and pointed to issues of flooding and nearby heritage sites, in particular The Ashton Memorial, as reasons for the council refusing any application.

He said: “I and many others are really concerned about the irreversible damage this will cause to the land and the heritage of the area in question.

“This has already occurred once in 2013, yet here we are once again fighting against a terrible and damaging idea.

Land on the corner of Wyresdale Road and Grab Lane, Lancaster

“It’s already prone to flooding.

“Only a mad man would build houses on that land.”

Another resident, Ben Booth, said: “That site has been refused permission twice before for reasons of disruption to the setting of the park, and deserves to be again.

“Not least for the fact that they are proposing to build on a flood plain.

“The Burrow Beck runs beneath that land.

“It has flooded recently and as the climate changes, will do so with greater frequency. The houses are likely to be uninsurable.”

A spokesperson for Story Homes said: “Story Homes and independent consultants have spent a considerable amount of time assessing the land proposed for redevelopment.

“The existing flood impact has been modelled in great detail, utilising data from the Environment Agency’s latest flood modelling.

“Story Homes proposal allows for all houses to be positioned outside of the flood zone area.

“Story Homes is actively seeking to engage with local stakeholder groups to discuss the details of our proposals further, and would encourage the local community to contact us at [email protected]