UK pet rescue centres urgently need your help - here's what you can do

The current lockdown measures and coronavirus pandemic are having an effect on a range of businesses, but charities are suffering too, including pet rescue centres.

The majority of these need donations in order to continue to be able to look after abandoned animals, and now there's a way for the public to help.

Voice of Crufts, Peter Purves and Lintbells (a pet supplement company), have joined forces to create an urgent emergency fundraising appeal that will deliver vital finance to pet rescue charities severely affected by Covid-19.


The #RescueYourRescue campaign will help over 100 pet rescue charities around the UK, and aims to initially raise £250,000.

Pet rescue centres are facing closure due to a lack of funding and lost revenue as a consequence of Covid-19. The loss of funds attributed to adoption fees, centre visits, charity shop sales and fundraising events has left the future of pet rescue charities hanging in the balance.

#RescueYourRescue will urgently raise funds to immediately help safeguard the future of pet rescue charities and the animals that rely on them. Lintbells are immediately donating £10,000 to launch the appeal.

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A rapid response is required to help protect the health and welfare of the nation's rescue pets. Recent reports have stated that pet rescue charities in England are suspending the intake of animals, which could lead to pets being mistreated or abandoned.

Despite the Chancellor announcing a £750 million charity fund - which has been described by some charity chief executives as "little more than a sticking plaster"- vital finances are urgently required to protect the future of pet rescue centres around the country. 

How does it work?

#RescueYourRescue will encourage animal lovers that can afford to donate to help, with a minimum donation of £2.

Peter Purves said, “Pet rescue charities across the country support the welfare of animals that need our help the most.

"In these difficult circumstances, I’m appealing for animal lovers to work together to support these brilliant centres and the crucial work that they do. Every donation makes a difference, so please give what you can and help spread the word by engaging with the campaign on social media using #RescueYourRescue.”

Lauren Moore, fundraising manager, RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield Bradford & District Branch said, “We are a local independent branch of the RSPCA so we have to raise our own funds to keep our animal centre running and look after the animals in our care.

"This is normally done through our fundraising events and income from our charity shops, but with the current COVID-19 crisis we have had to close our shops and cancel planned events and activities which has had a devastating effect on our funds. We’ve also been forced to close our animal centre and have cancelled any potential adoptions.”

How to donate

#RescueYourRescue is working with Virgin Money Giving to raise and distribute funds to over 100 pet rescue charities in the UK. All you need to do to donate is visit the fundraising website and select the charity you wish to help support, and donate.

The team at Rescue your Rescue are asking people to spread the word by using the hashtag #RescueYourRescue online and on social media. Support can also be shown by sharing a picture of a high five with your pet on social media, using the hashtag, and nominating friends to donate too.

How much does it cost to run a pet rescue centre?

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It costs £500,000 per year to run an RSPCA pet rescue centre.

£6 can feed a dog for a week.

£10 covers the cost of food and board per pet.

That is why #RescueYourRescue is asking animal lovers who can afford to help donate a minimum of £2 per person.

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