The US election results - interactive maps and charts

Joe Biden has won the the race to the White House. The Democratic challenger reached the required number of Electoral College votes on Saturday to spell the end of Donald Trump's term.

According to AP, Biden beat Trump by 290 to 214 electoral collage votes, after the Democrat won the key swing state of Pennsylvania.

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The delay in the result was exacerbated by the fact that the pandemic and predictions of a record turnout resulted in a record number of mail-in ballots, and different states have different rules on when these are counted.

Donald Trump has yet to concede, and the Trump campaign launched legal challenges against the votes in the states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and may mount a national lawsuit. But commentators have said that these are likely to be unsuccessful.

In the map below, you can compare this year’s results with those of the 2016 Election or 2020 Projections by using the tabs located at the top right corner of the graphic to flick between different results.

You can also see how many Electoral College votes a certain state has by hovering over it.

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To show the change in Electoral College votes across the last three elections, this chart lets you compare the shifts in votes between 2012, 2016 and this year:

While it is likely that popular vote counts could stretch out over the rest of this week and beyond, the Electoral College is where the real race for presidential victory lies.

Interactives: Liv McMahon

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