Prince Philip: all of the Duke of Edinburgh’s medals and decorations - and what they were awarded for

Friday, 9th April 2021, 4:19 pm
Prince Philip: all of the Duke of Edinburgh’s medals and decorations - and what they were awarded for (Photo by JOHN D MCHUGH/AFP via Getty Images)

As a former naval officer who held posts including Admiral of the Fleet and Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy, the Duke of Edinburgh was often seen in military uniform sporting his many medals.

In his tribute to Prince Philip, Boris Johnson referenced the duke’s military service.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, he said Philip was “one of the last surviving people in this country to have served in the Second World War”.

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He added: “At Cape Matapan, where he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery, and in the invasion of Sicily where he saved his ship by his quick thinking.”

Having joined the military straight from school in 1939, he rose to the rank of commander and only left in 1952, to take on royal duties after his wife became Queen.

What medals and honours was the Duke of Edinburgh awarded?

Here’s a list of all the medals and decorations the Duke was awarded during his active military service and in the years afterwards as the Queen’s consort.

1939-1945 Star: A British Commonwealth campaign medal, awarded for service during the Second World War.

Atlantic Star: Awarded in 1945 for service in the Atlantic during the Second World War

Africa Star: Awarded in 1945 for service in Africa during the Second World War

Burma Star (with Pacific Rosette): Awarded for service in the Burma Campaign in the Second World War

Italy Star: Awarded for service in Italy and surrounding areas in the Second World War

War Medal 1939-1945, with Mention in Dispatches: Awarded to those who served in the Armed Forces or Merchant Navy for at least 28 days between 1939-45. The oak leaf on the ribbon denotes the Mention in Despatches, which Philip earned for shining searchlights at enemy ships while under fire

King George VI Coronation Medal, 1937: A medal made to commemorate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, 1953: A commemorative medal made to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal, 1977: A commemorative medal created in 1977, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Queen succeeding to the throne

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, 2002: A commemorative medal created in 2002 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Queen succeeding to the throne

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012: A commemorative medal created last year to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen succeeding to the throne

Canadian Forces Decoration (5 Bars): An honorary award was presented to the Duke in April 2015

Queen’s Service Order, New Zealand: Awarded by the Government of New Zealand for service to the country

New Zealand Commemoration Medal, 1990: This was awarded only during 1990 to around 3,000 people in recognition of contributions made to New Zealand life

Malta George Cross 50th Anniversary Medal, 1992: This is a commemorative medal awarded by, or in the name of, the President of Malta

Greek War Cross, 1950: This is awarded for heroism in wartime to both Greeks and foreign allies. The Duke earned for his bravery in fighting the Italians when they invaded Greece in 1941.

Croix de Guerre (France) with Palm, 1948: A French military decoration to honour people who fought with the Allies against Axis nations in the Second World War.

Commemorative Medal for the Centennial of Saskatchewan - A commemorative medal marking 100 since Saskatchewan’s entrance in to the Canadian Confederation

Royal Victoria Chain - An official award of the monarch, conferred only upon the Royal Family and the highest dignitaries

Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with 6 bars - A long service military honour, earned after at least 15 years in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines

Sultan of Brunei Silver Jubilee Medal - A commemorative decoration conferred by the Sultan of Brunei

Decoration of the Republic - A First Class honour bestowed in 1964 by the republic of Sudan

Grand Star Decoration for Service to the Republic of Austria - The highest national honour awarded by the Republic of Austria

Commemorative medal of the 2500th Anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire - Awarded in 1971 by the Imperial State of Iran