Planet alignment March 2023: astrologist on what rare alignment of five planets could mean for your star sign

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The rare alignment of five planets will inspire impulsive decisions, according to one astrology expert

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Mars and the Moon aligned in the night sky earlier this week, with a leading astrologer predicting that the rare ‘planetary parade’ could influence your life.

The phenomenon, which occurred on 28 March, was visible from anywhere on Earth that had clear weather and minimal light pollution, without the need for special equipment.

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Nicolas Aujula claims the rare five planet alignment, which is expected not to take place again until 2040, may spark impulsive behaviour and fiery disagreements.

The psychic, who claims to have predicted Covid-19, added however that now may be a good time for singletons to find love as they could meet someone spontaneously, while many people could find themselves acting on previously suppressed ideas due to the Jupiter and Mercury conjunction.

Speaking about the Uranus and Venus conjunction, Nicolas said: “It’s quite an interesting time for love because it can cause quite an erratic energy and we might have more disagreements with loved ones, especially if someone is trying to make us feel restricted. We can rebel a bit more.

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Mars and the Moon aligned in the night sky earlier this week (Adobe Stock)Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Mars and the Moon aligned in the night sky earlier this week (Adobe Stock)
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Mars and the Moon aligned in the night sky earlier this week (Adobe Stock) | Jimmi -

“However, it’s very positive for new friends and new love as those who are dating might meet someone spontaneously. So be out and about, looking your best. New friends as well, people outside of your usual type can work out quite well.”

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The astrologer said that the planet conjunction can also inspire a desire to be more creative or to take action for a social cause.

He explained that Mercury is “all about the mind and communication, while Jupiter is about expansion.” This conjunction could spark big revelations and help to gain a clearer vision for life. The astrologer believes now is the right time to act on ideas such as pursuing a new career path.

Nicolas added: “We also need to be careful not to promise more than we can deliver because Jupiter expands everything it touches and with Mercury we may talk a lot but not always act.

“Also be mindful of other people as they might tell us stories, and we’re more prone to deception. Sometimes things can be too good to be true, so take time and maybe even a week or two before making any major decision.”

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Nicolas explained that the moon is related to emotions and home, while Mars is angry and masculine which can lead to “very strong emotional outbursts” when the two come together.

He advised that we should be mindful not to go overboard when letting frustrations out, especially with those closest, saying: “Relationships can be fired up at this time so be aware of this energy.

“Mars is quite dominating, so we might find a family member trying to push us around. People are going to argue and stick up for themselves and try to reset boundaries.

“We have to be mindful of how we communicate during this phase. We can lose our temper very quickly and it’s better to let things cool off. Watch aggressive outbursts because sometimes we don’t always mean what we say and with Jupiter and Mercury going on we can exaggerate.”

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From finances and relationships to career, there are 12 ‘houses’ astrologers use to gain an understanding of what area of life is likely to be affected based on how the sky is mapped at any given time.

Nicolas gave insight into how this week’s rare planet alignment may influence each of the Zodiac signs over the next few days.


March 21 - April 19

Uranus and Venus conjunction falls in the second house which is related to finance. For you there could be a lucky windfall. I’d recommend buying a scratchcard but you could also attract money from an unknown source such as finding a £10 note on the floor. There could be unexpected wealth and this is a good time to look for new ways to generate income, not necessarily a new job but a side hustle.


April 20 - May 20

Jupiter and Mercury conjunction falls in the 12th house which is related to secrets and the unknown. For you there will be big secrets revealed and things you thought weren’t possible that are related to family and relationships. There are certain aspects of your life that are going to be revealed that will shock you. On another note, now will be a deeply spiritual time for you which could lead to looking inwards for answers after disappointments in your personal life.


May 21 - June 20

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Jupiter and Mercury conjunction falls in the 11th house which is related to friendships and groups. It’s not about going it alone, but going with other people to exchange ideas as they can provide good advice that brings ideas to light. Friends and groups can be particularly lucky at this time.


June 21 - July 22

The moon and Mars, you really need to pay attention to your health and wellbeing because emotional stress can take a toll. Rest up and also take it easy with decisions, try not to lash out or jump to conclusions because that could have an impact on your physical wellbeing. You might also find yourself easily offended by comments about your appearance, focus on looking after yourself as self image is important. Now is a good time for a new haircut, jewellery, or wardrobe and any improvements.

Nicolas Aujula shared his predictions for the next few days (Nicolas Aujula)Nicolas Aujula shared his predictions for the next few days (Nicolas Aujula)
Nicolas Aujula shared his predictions for the next few days (Nicolas Aujula) | Nicolas Aujula


July 23 - August 22

Jupiter and Mercury conjunction falls in the ninth house which is related to travel and knowledge. Now is the time to book a big trip that’s always been in your mind as the place you’ve always wanted to go is now possible. You might also want to expand your personal knowledge with a short course or brush up your skills at work.


August 23 – September 22

Moon and Mars are in the 11th house which is related to social groups and friends. There will be some major bustups with friends and heated disagreements that could really fracture friendships. Learn to decipher who is a good friend and who doesn’t really serve a purpose. Review who you want to take with you throughout life going ahead. Also it’s advised not to jump to conclusions as being impulsive can lead to making the wrong decision.


September 23 - October 22

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Jupiter and mercury are in the seventh house which is a house of relationships. A big improvement is expected if you are already in a relationship or marriage as you can really communicate. Take the opportunity to chat to your partner, have date night and share your feelings to deepen your commitment as now is a good time for your love life. If you are single, now you might find greater opportunities, perhaps through online dating or an app. You will find an intellectual connection that could become something deeper opposed to the fiery and passionate stuff.


October 23 - November 21

With Jupiter and mercury falling in the sixth house this could bring great benefits from fellow workers and employees. You’ll be able to make things happen with support from your colleagues and collaboration with your boss. You will also want to focus on health and wellbeing, improving your diet or joining the gym or alternative therapies such as acupuncture.


November 22 - December 21

Mars and moon are in the eighth house which is to do with other people’s money. Be careful with your outgoings as there could be issues with debt and arguments over finances. Financial management will be an issue, so make a plan for how you will move forward if you’ve been relying too much on credit.


December 22 - January 19

There could be an element of self improvement such as buying a house or investing. There is an energy of wanting to make your home more beautiful and solid with new furnishings or an extension. Real estate can be hugely significant and the ideas used now can bring great dividends in months to come. You may also find an improvement in your family relationship through open communication and difficult conversations going better than expected.


January 20 - February 18

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Mars and Moon are in the sixth house - watch out for disagreements with coworkers as they can be quite heated and intense. You may want to confront issues of bullying and to speak your truth but be mindful with impulsive decisions such as leaving a job. Be practical and think of your long-term future, while still following your intuition.


February 19 - March 20

Jupiter and Mercury are in the second house, which is related to finance. You will find a new way to generate money such as a better job which pays more or turn a side hustle into a new career. You will be thinking long-term about how you can become rich and perhaps want to start the foundation for things you want in years to come. You might also want to invest in stocks and shares which work out in the future as well as improving your finances will be important.

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