Google data reveals the most popular sex act searches

Saucy Brits are bored of dogging, cybersex and spanking in favour of 'gooning' and 'femboy' when it comes to 'what’s hot' and 'what's not' in terms of online sex act searches.

Analysis of 160 million Google data points revealed the growth and decline across more than 100 key kink words over the last five years.

And the data itself discovered the five highest trending words included ‘femboy’ – a male who displays traditionally feminine characteristics, and ‘thirst trap’ – where someone posts content with the intention of being desired.

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But the most popular search term was ‘gooning’ – the act of achieving prolonged arousal through sensory overload, often involving hypnotic stimuli. 

The findings also showed dogging was in decline over the past five years as a kink, with searches for ‘foreplay’ the most dramatic fall across the same period. The inaugural ‘SexDex’ has been released by Sensuali, a sex positive platform for sensualists and the sexually curious.

A spokesperson said: “The UK is officially a nation of kink! About 10 million adults regularly participate in kinky sexual activity each month. The fact is, if kink participation was a sport, it would be up there with playing football as the nation’s favourite. Our findings provide a fascinating insight into exactly what’s going on in Brits’ bedrooms and inside the sexual imaginations of the nation.”

The report was authored by Rachel Thompson, a leading sex and relationship expert and created by analysing more than 100 of the most popular kink related keywords mapped against Google search data and insights from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X and Sensuali website traffic over the past five years.

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The data suggests a rapidly changing landscape of sexual tastes sweeping the UK fuelled by social media and intergenerational changes. Britain is no longer a nation of spankers (down 33 per cent), doggers (down 34 per cent), or cottagers – with searches and social interactions for ‘cottaging’ down a massive 70 per cent over the last five years.

The ‘SexDex’ also shines a spotlight on a whole new sexual vocabulary that has emerged online to skirt censorship, dubbed ‘the sexicon’ or ‘algospeak’. Neologisms like seggs (sex), corn (porn), mascara (romantic sexual partner) and accountant (sex worker) have emerged allowing content creators to evade algorithmic filters on sites like TikTok and Instagram cracking down on overly sexual content.

Sensuali’s spokesperson added: “We exist as a platform for the sexually curious enabling individuals to offer or seek sensual experiences within a safe, kink-positive, and inclusive environment.”

Sexual trends going up in the last 5 years

  1. Gooning +778 per cent: Achieving prolonged arousal through sensory overload, often involving hypnotic stimuli.
  2. Femboy +504 per cent: Men or non-binary individuals presenting themselves in feminine ways.
  3. Thirst Trap +335 per cent: Posting enticing content on social media to attract attention or validation.
  4. Throuple +230 per cent: A romantic relationship involving three individuals in a consensual partnership.
  5. Edging +91 per cent: Deliberately delaying orgasm to prolong sexual pleasure.
  6. Findom +83 per cent: Financial domination, where one gains pleasure from controlling another's finances.
  7. Shibari +62 per cent: The intricate art of Japanese rope bondage.
  8. OWO +57 per cent: An emoticon representing a surprised or curious facial expression.
  9. Pegging +30 per cent: Sexual practice where a woman uses a strap-on to anally penetrate a male partner.
  10. Vore +26 per cent: Fetish involving the fantasy of being consumed or consuming another being.


Sexual trends going down in the last 5 years

  1. Cottaging -70 per cent: Engaging in sexual activities in public restrooms or secluded outdoor areas.
  2. Sploshing -54 per cent: Fetish enjoying sensations from sitting or playing in messy substances.
  3. Zental -53 per cent: Full-body, skin-tight suits made from spandex or nylon used in fetish or costume play.
  4. Micro penis -47 per cent: A smaller-than-average penis size, often less than 2.8 inches when erect.
  5. Cybersex -45 per cent: Engaging in sexual activity / explicit conversations via digital platforms
  6. Crossdressing -38 per cent: Wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender for personal expression.
  7. Bondage -36 per cent: Consensual practice involving restraining or tying up a partner for sexual pleasure.
  8. Dogging -34 per cent: Engaging in or watching sexual activities in public places, usually involving strangers.
  9. Spanking -33 per cent: Act of striking someone's buttocks for sexual pleasure, punishment, or as part of BDSM.
  10. Foreplay -32 per cent: Stimulation preceding sexual intercourse, intended to heighten arousal and intimacy.
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