Check out top spots for summer staycations

As people start thinking where to go for their summer staycations, here is a whole range of choices to consider while making those crucial decisions.

To help you make your selection, a new guide ranks the best UK holidays with distinct factors taking precedence, from provision of campsites, to parking opportunities, dining options, distance to coast, proximity of national parks and more.

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Here are some clear winners among different categories, for four varied types of staycations.

The Pet-friendly Staycation

It can prove tricky to find a place to stay with your pet, that accommodates all needs. Equally, you will need places you are able to visit with four-legged friends.

Hastings comes out as a leader of the pack with a wealth of suitable accommodation and a number of great National Trust sites to explore within easy driving distance. Cheltenham, Newquay, Ambleside, and Torquay made up the other top five pet friendly resorts.

The Outdoor Staycation

If pulling on your hiking boots and letting a map and compass guide your getaway is for you, then this list of destinations is spot on.

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Considering availability of campsites, outdoor attractions and National Trust sites, places such as Poole, Brighton, York and Aberdeen prove the ideal adventure.

For National Trust members, a stay in Guildford provides a base to explore a total 38 sites nearby.

The Coastal Staycation

With over 7,000 miles of stunning coastline, the UK has plenty of seaside top spots, whether you prefer a scenic hike across cliff tops or fish and chips on the promenade.

Poole, a south coast destination where you may be lucky enough to spot a dolphin, is the top-rated coastal town by statistics, with an ample 14 restaurants for every 1,000 visitors and around 1,800 hours of sunlight annually.

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Aberdeen also ranked highly with a stretch of golden sands from the mouth of the River Dee north to the quaint town of Newburgh. Hastings, Plymouth and Brighton fared highly in the seafront stakes too.

The City Staycation

Along with the rugged coastline and a stack of rural and woodland adventures, are the British cities, all brimming with history and landmarks, alongside umpteen dining options and places to stay and park.

Brighton came out as top city in this study with almost 700 attractions to browse, ranging from The Lanes to a stroll down the famous pier and the Royal Pavilion Gardens, plus a very busy and varied seafront of attractions.

York, with its charm and many layers of history was second most popular city, and atmospheric Durham too was among other cities cited in the top ten choices.

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Many staycations are reliant on factors such as proximity to facilities and attractions, and transportation.

The Guide to a Very British Staycation provides a wide range of options to help you plan ahead.Its study looked deeper into the most popular towns and cities in the UK, and what they have to offer, according to VisitBritain.

After removing the larger metropolitan areas, this combined the average number of visitors and a series of other factors, including pricing, accommodation and parking, from 59 small towns and cities to reveal what might be the best tourist destinations for a British staycation.

Take a look at some of the best destinations suited to the type of holiday you may be looking for at site.