YOUR WORKPLACE: Hest Bank Kennels

Staff at Hest Bank Kennels, Hest Bank, Lancaster.
Staff at Hest Bank Kennels, Hest Bank, Lancaster.

Hest Bank Kennels has been established on the Coastal Road at Hest Bank, near Morecambe, for more than 30 years.

They now provide boarding for dogs, cats, small animals and birds, dog day care, and grooming.

They also offer a pet collection and delivery service, plus a secure field for exercise and recreation.

In March 2018, it was bought by Terry McArdle and Garry Wilkinson, who have more than 40 years’ experience in animal management, welfare and nutrition, as well as providing excellent customer service.

Terry previously owned a pet shop dealing in exotic pets, parrots, cockatoos, reptiles in addition to all other pets and fish.

He also has kept and bred many animals and birds.

Latterly, prior to buying Hest Bank Kennels, he consulted the pet feed industry across Europe, working with numerous global and international brands.

Garry has spent his working life in retail banking, and has considerable knowledge of finance, and excellent customer service.

As the new joint owners, their passion to care for animals, and provide a “home from home” environment for your pets, is paramount.

They said: “One of the best part of our jobs is seeing a pet reunited with its owner, happy healthy and wanting to return, time after time to see us, knowing we have cared, and made it feel comfortable whilst it’s been staying with us.”

The team of seven kennel technicians and three grooming beauticians are all passionate in providing care and wellbeing for all the pets in their care.

Their qualifications in animal management, welfare and grooming pale into insignificance with the attention to detail they give to each and every pet that they look after.

They offer an all year round service, for short and long term boarding, dog day care, grooming and pampering, covering the bay area and beyond.