Work with volunteers

Carnforth War Memorial.
Carnforth War Memorial.

In response to Coun Ian Dent of Carnforth Town Council (Short changed, March 6), may I point out to your readers that with the aid of a grant from Lancaster City Council, 19 volunteers and business people working with the support of the Carnforth Chamber of Trade, rented and opened a unit in the Gateway building on Carnforth Station and ran the Local Information Centre, which was open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm.

It was very well received by locals and visitors alike. Over 11,000 enquiries were recorded in the 19 months it was open. The grant paid for the rent to Carnforth Station Trust, electricity, computing, decorating and fittings and fixtures. The aim was to become self sufficient.

When it became apparent that funds were low, Carnforth Town Council were approached for support. Had they responded the unit would have still been open to inform, encourage and help our town’s visitors.

It is wrong that Coun Dent, on behalf of the Town Council, is implying that local shops and businesses need to dig deep. It is the council who should be working with volunteers in a support and encourage mode.

Carnforth’s future revolves around tourism, historically it is a hub and deserves to be “a tourist hub for North Lancs, South Lakes, The Furness Peninsula and The Dales.

Councillors, please work as one with the town’s volunteers and traders, your roll should be to progress and support, not take over and control.

Peter A Yates MBE


Bloomfield Park