What’s the mystery of trash trees?

Trash Trees
Trash Trees

My name is Sophie Camp and I study Textile Crafts at the University of Huddersfield.

I am in my final year and had to look for a final year project to start off with.

I started by going for a walk on the estuary by The Stork cycle track in Lancaster and I came across these roots of trees covered in rope, bags, toys, tennis balls, shoes and various other sorts of rubbish you may find washed up or left on the estuary.

However, this is different as the way it is presented is as if someone is taking care and creating these pieces that are now called trash trees which is what the locals call them and the trees now have signs with their names on.

The trees have pieces hanging from them and have techniques such as wrapping and plaiting, they are just covered in the beach’s rubbish to create tall colourful structures.

I have found three so far and each time I have visited they have grown which is amazing to see and for my project.

I came to the realisation though that I don’t know if the locals are contributing or if someone is taking their time and creating these recycled trash trees or even both.

I have seen people post pictures of them on Facebook and they have become an odd tourist beach attraction.

I want to find out who is behind this for my project and my course tutor wondered if the local newspaper could help.

Sophie Camp

A local Lancastrian