Welcome about turn

St Leonarsgate car park.
St Leonarsgate car park.

Good to see the about turn by the cabinet at the City Council. The light has been switched on.

Of course the businesses in Lancaster were furious over the decision to introduce parking charges on bank holidays. A decision made by the cabinet, eight members chosen by the council leader. Not the 60 members of the council. Absolutely no connection with democracy.

Local businesses have recently formed BID, a scheme where additional funds are raised via a 10 per cent levy on the larger businesses. Lancaster City Council should be supporting them. Times are difficult, we are all in this together.

The case for introducing was laughable (or would have been had it not been so damaging to the local economy).

The idea “that people were paying anyway, because they assumed that it was right to put their money in the machines without realising there was no charge” beggars belief.

The comparison with the Lake District was pathetic.

We are not talking visits to Hawkshead, Coniston, Newby Bridge and so on. We are talking Lancaster City as a shopping and cultural experience.

There is a lot of free parking in Preston and even at the Trafford Centre along with all the out of town retail parks and supermarkets.

Looks like the lights came back on at cabinet. Let’s hope the bulbs are long life.

Save our city, support local businesses, park and shop.

Coun Woodruff

Free Independent

Lancaster City Council

Back Bencher.