TV disappointment as town gets poor show

The Midland Hotel in Morecambe.
The Midland Hotel in Morecambe.
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I wonder how many readers viewed the new programme on BBC1 weekdays at 3.45pm?

The edition on October 10 of Home Away From Home showed a house swap between a couple from Morecambe and a couple in Kent.

The programme was totally negative about Morecambe. I watched with mounting disbelief.

There was no ‘good’ views of the promenade. There was no mention (or even a glimpse) of the Midland Hotel, historic Heysham Village, Carnforth Steam Town or the closeness to the Lake District. Lancaster wasn’t even mentioned at all.

They actually sent the couple to Blackpool to visit Sea Life.

The ‘highlight’ of their Morecambe stay was packing shrimps at Baxter’s.

The couple were clearly unimpressed. I’m sure any people who live in this area would be equally disappointed in the image created of Morecambe.

The other half of the exchange was a lovely property in Kent. It was presented in a totally different manner and the attractions visited by the couple from Morecambe were much more appealing. They clearly enjoyed the home swap.

I have written to the programme presenters, pointing out the unfairness of the show, mentioning some of the places they could have visited.

I’m sorry to say this programme would discourage anyone from visiting Morecambe.

J Hetherington


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