Turbine could power a village

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May I question a point made by D. Illsley in the letter you published on June 6 regarding the Nether Kellet 500 kilowatt wind turbine.

The writer, intending to inform the lay public, says “It would heat about 25 three-bedroom dwellings”.

But these figures would imply running 20 one-kilowatt (one-bar) electric fires continuously in the dwelling, every hour of the day and night through winter and summer.

Perhaps the writer has picked up the figure of 20 kilowatt-hours as the typical daily consumption of a dwelling – which is to run the aforementioned electric fires for just one hour (or two for 10 hours).

My home is probably slightly above average size and with gas central heating my average daily electricity consumption is about 12 kilowatt-hours. The planning application for the turbine gives the figure of 150 kilowatts for the expected average output of the turbine, slightly less than a third of its maximum capacity.

Even so, it would produce 3,600 kilowatt-hours per day, supplying the electricity needs for 300 or so dwellings like mine.

That is around the size of the whole of Nether Kellet.

G Tunnicliffe Wilson

Silverdale Road 
Yealand Redmayne