Train fare reasonable

Stagecoach bus.
Stagecoach bus.
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Just a few comments about the great bus fares debate.

As a 67-year-old pensioner on a modest income, I’ve never felt the need to claim either free bus fares or a discounted rail card, nor have I taken advantage of the many concessions available to retired people these days, such as reduced admission to the cinema, football match, etc.

I rarely get on a bus, but I travel regularly between Carnforth and Lancaster and I feel that the current return fare on the train of £3.60 is very reasonable.

With councils all over the country suffering huge cuts to their budgets, they simply can’t continue to provide free bus fares for eternity.

I believe that most pensioners could well afford to make a small contribution to the cost of their journey.

A payment of 50p or £1 per trip seems reasonable.

This would ease some of the financial burden placed on our cash strapped councils.

John Wilson

Lancaster Road