Tickets are costly

Bus station.
Bus station.

If I need to go into town I generally drive my car from Bowerham as I find it is too far for my toddler to walk there, round town and back and he doesn’t like/fit into his buggy any more.

Recently we chose to go into town on the bus as he has never been on one before. He was really excited and loved the journey on the top deck, however to my shock it cost me £2.25 for a return from the Bowerham Hotel.

It’s cheaper for me to drive my car into town and park for an hour rather than go on the bus.

I find this absolutely ridiculous. In a society where we are encouraged to use public transport as much as possible, how does it make sense to charge so much?

I’d have happily used the bus again as my toddler enjoyed it but unless prices are reviewed I will continue to pay to park instead. I expect many local residents feel the same ... something needs to be done.

Mrs Armer


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