This is not demolition

The bridge on St George's Quay.
The bridge on St George's Quay.
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I am surprised at the silliness and the unfeeling of the people against the removal of the road arch at the old railway bridge on the quayside.

I am the third person who recently suggested ramps and a zebra crossing at this point.

Number one – Andrew Dobson, Lancaster Council – I query his statement. He says he has had considerable resistance from residents to any alterations. Has he consulted the cottage residents adjoining the bridge? They must be very afraid these crashes occur.

I agree it is an historic structure but no-one has suggested the demolishing of the bridge, only the span over the road.

It is an old railway bridge serving the Green Ayre station, and the lines to Morecambe and Yorkshire, now converted to the cycle track.

Using the existing stonework the buttresses at each side could be used to simulate the Castle battlements carrying on the historic structure.

If these could be utilised to contain traffic signals to safeguard people using the crossing and controlling approaching vehicles, it would be fantastic.

Number two – Mrs Anne Hutchinson – states only two recent accidents but there has been more. I recall a school bus with children on board taking a wrong turn and very nearly causing lots of injuries and possibly deaths. Could she live with this?

She states that people from the Marsh area and children going to school and town use this bridge – but why would they? This bridge only goes to Morecambe and Sainsbury’s Supermarket, not town.

A fit cyclists, or person, wouldn’t have difficulty using ramps. Disabled people using wheelchairs, if they hadn’t carers to assist them, could use the crossing carefully and the pavements far side to go to town or supermarket via the bus station. All level surfaces.

Commonsense is the saving of lives at this accident scene, regardless of cost.

Mr H Tarney

Newlands Road