Steps to improve our rail links

Lancaster Railway Station.
Lancaster Railway Station.

Codgerdave (We must do better with our transport, December 18) makes a number of valid points about the inadequacy of internal transport within our district. Access to Lancaster station is a dicey operation by road or rail with uncertain traffic conditions (even without United Utilities) and a train service from Morecambe which runs at a different time each hour.

A link to the Northern Hub by electrification of the Lancaster-Morecambe rail line would be a step in the right direction opening up the possibility of direct Morecambe-Manchester trains to relieve regular overcrowding on the current Transpennine Manchester - Scotland services; or at very least permitting a frequent clock-face electric rail service to Morecambe.

Extending this line to Heysham Port with stations at the football stadium, Lower Kingsway, the Mossgate estate and Heysham Port would provide a reliable regular transport spine through the urban area. As much of the line was previously electrified this should be achievable at modest cost and justified by the rapid growth of commercial and housing development in the Heysham area and by adjacent power supplies.

The electrification of the railway to Morecambe is supported by both local MPs, Morecambe Town and Lancaster City Councils and Mike Kirby, Director of Transport for Lancashire County Council, has included it for consultation in the draft North Lancashire Transport Plan.

This plan will be open for public consultation in January/February 2015 and I understand will cover all transport methods from pedestrian provisions, new bicycle routes, rail services, traffic congestion relief, new bridges/roads through to new motorway junctions. This plan can be the visionary future Codgerdave desires if we plan it properly.

If you have transport concerns, as almost everyone seems to have, please respond to this consultation to ensure our needs are properly understood at County Hall.

Richard Rollins

City Councillor

Heysham South.