Smaller classes


There are so many new primary schools in the area. In the future I would like to suggest smaller classes so that slower learners get a chance to grasp reading, writing and sums. They can often feel quite unhappy and left out, even made fun of, and then refuse to go to school.

Another thing, I hate to see the children sat on the floor in a class or even worse, in an assembly hall.

I always remember as a child of four or five being taken to a mission with my father on a Sunday (in Streatham) and being told to sit on the floor. I was upset. “I have on my best clean dress” I protested.

Free meals, especially if they promote a healthy lifestyle, must be a boon to parents on low incomes.

I hope each child has a health check and that all school records contain details of their blood group and a good photograph, both helpful to the police if the child is missing.

We must all try to provide a safe environment in which children can thrive with rubble-free play areas near their homes.

All suspicious strangers just ‘hanging about’ should be reported to the local police.

Mrs S J Morley

Address supplied.