Shame Mr President

President Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama.

On July 18, I turned on the evening news and just caught President Obama as he was saying: “an outrage of unspeakable dimensions...”.

I cried out loud: “at last”.

At last a US President who had condemned the outrage of the latest Israeli massacre of the Palestinian people and the destruction of their homes, schools and hospitals, using weaponry supplied by the US and the West.

At last a US President who realised that the US could no longer continue to support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

At last a US President who would withdraw the massive US financial and military support from an Israeli government that is proud to say that it does not listen to world opinion.

But alas no, President Obama was referring to the downing of the Malaysian plane, with the loss of mainly European lives, in still mysterious circumstances, which he has already decided is the responsibility of President Putin.

Shame on him.

Romy Clark Giuliani

Portland Street