Seeking out shipmates

Royal Navy ship.
Royal Navy ship.

I am very confident that once again the readers of this newspaper will respond to this letter.

The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association was formed a few years back to ‘root out’ those who served in the Royal Navy dealing with any electrical, radio, radar or computer installations either on the Royal Navy ships or shore establishments, and reunite them with their old shipmates. The Association has just had a fantastic reunion and the next one is organised.

If you are reading this and are either ex Electrical Branch or you know somebody who is, help me to turn the clock back. Re-live the good times, the runs ashore in a foreign port, the camaraderie, and the good bits. Then laugh again at the rough bits, the ‘green rubs’, the ‘men under punishment’. Then just think, a mess mate off your old ship might be looking for you.

Who are you looking for? Who would like to have a laugh with again? They might be one of the hundreds already in the association.

Go to the Association web site and see some of the photos of past reunions, download an application form and be in the next set of reunion photos with your old mess mate.

Or write to Mike Crowe, Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association, 7 Heath Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight. PO36 8PG, and be prepared to turn the clock back ‘just a few years’, anything from 20 years to just over 60 years.

Local newspapers and letters to the editor, just like this one, was used to ‘launch’ the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association and I feel sure that the diverse and wide readership will score again and I would like to end with a little story about a previous letter to the editor. I received a letter which went something on the lines of “Dear Mike, I didn’t see your letter a few weeks back because we were busy with moving house. However we have just got round to unwrapping some glasses and we saw you letter in the newspaper wrapping paper – the written word can be read again”.

Mike Crowe

Heath Road



Isle of Wight.