RIP, my old school

Skerton Community High School.
Skerton Community High School.

Regarding the closure of Skerton School – another Lancaster institution bites the dust. May I, through your columns, record the passing of a fine school.

In the 1950s I (together with annual intakes of 100 pupils) was educated at the then Skerton Boys Secondary Modern School.

The school was then surrounded by social deprivation of the highest order.

Pupils came from as far away as Grange.

Skerton’s sporting achievement and education was top notch, discipline was rife, whilst being taught by many fine teachers. I doubt we will ever forget the beat of Mr (Charlie) Emmet’s banjo and Mr (Ted) Lister’s chalk aim followed by (if concentration was not immediately restored) the board eraser.

If problems still occurred a visit to the headmaster’s Mr (Joe) Weaver’s office would normally solve them. Great characters and educators all for they helped to teach and form pupils’ characters – some making their marks (many modestly) in future careers.

Many social changes have occurred since then.

Gone are the pull yourself together, rights and responsibility ideals. These were the days before Thatcher and her education competition ‘pawns’. Now we appear to be surrounded by an army of so called ‘experts’ (this despite the fact that the UK slips down the education ratings year by year).

It must cost more to administer schools from the outside rather than within. An educational farce – a joke that we pay for. They should hang their heads in shame.

Were the 1950s Skerton School’s finest hour?

Perhaps not the most pleasant of educational establishments to attend, but the aftertaste – superb.

Rest in peace Skerton, you deserved better.

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