Results both good and bad

Overall photo of the design awards event and exhibition.
Overall photo of the design awards event and exhibition.

I was keen to see the results of the Design Awards published in the Lancaster Guardian on September 25. However, although several designs are pleasing, I was dismayed at some results.

In particular, I find it difficult to accept that the commercial development at Carnforth and also CityBlock 3 were each thought worthy to be winners.

In the first case a development that would be at home on White Lund has been placed in a semi-rural setting with no attention being paid to that setting. Driving north up the M6 one has passed through acres of farmland before meeting this industrial structure, and all is countryside beyond.

In the case of CityBlock 3, a focal building on the south entrance to the city has used cheaply unpleasant material for a facade that has failed to accommodate existing features and that is of a height inappropriate to the surroundings.

Having Design Awards should be a positive attribute of the city but can only be so if the judgements can be seen to be valid.

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