Railways are a vital national asset for all

Lancaster Railway Station
Lancaster Railway Station

Steve Metcalfe (letters, August 8) raises some important issues around rail investment but seems determined to find fault with the Green Party whilst at the same time agreeing with Green Party policy.

Let me reassure him that Green Party policies on railways are very clear and none of us can be accused of being “quiet”. Our railways are a vital national asset, local rail is crucially important to support local economies and jobs, the port of Heysham should have a dedicated “piggy back” rail freight services, the Lancaster-Morecambe line should have much needed new investment and all of this can be paid for if we get rid of wasteful vanity projects like the Lancaster bypass and High Speed Rail.

We also want railways to be brought under democratic control and spend money on trains and track rather than handing over £2.5 billion each year to the share holders of private rail companies.

John Whitelegg,

Green Party.