Proud of this town

Garstang Library.
Garstang Library.

You simply couldn’t make this story up, please let me explain.

Recently I went into the Garstang Library in Windsor Street, and as it was Thursday, buses to Preston stop outside the library.

Anyway, as is typical of Stormin Norm, I got into conversation with a chap waiting for the bus and when the bus came just before midday I boarded the bus – and when the bus was passing Garstang Grammar I realised dam it, I had left my glasses on the bench at the bus stop.

I immediately got on another bus back to Garstang to see if my glasses were there but alas they were gone.

I was absolutely fuming with myself, and had a few beers to drown my sorrows at being such a fool, and went back to Lancaster not a happy chappie.

This morning, on my way to Garstang Library, I walked passed the bus shelter along Windsor Street, and I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.

Some kind person had put my glasses on the handrail, attached with a few elastic bands.

Unbelievable, one simply couldn’t make up this scenario. I am now utterly convinced that should I be so lucky as to win millions on the lottery, guess who’s moving to Garstang, as I doubt very much if this would have happened anywhere else in Britain and has totally and utterly restored my faith in humanity, especially the people in Garstang.

Whoever this kind person was – thanks.

Norman Tomlinson

Elterwater Place