Parking spaces going begging

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I READ with interest and approval the long overdue backing of additional car parking spaces at the University of Cumbria.

However, what I find very hard to understand are the strings attached to the approval by way of £8,000 university funding for “consultation into residents’ parking scheme”.

It is not all that long ago that we had a consultation into residents’ parking in the area, the result of which was rejections by the residents.

Why, therefore, do they want to do it again? Perhaps the council are hoping that if they ask enough times we will eventually say yes to having to pay to park outside our own homes.

I live near the university and have not seen anything to support Councillor Blamire’s claim that “parking is getting worse all the time”.

Is there any sound basis for this claim? If anything, I see the reverse in the area I live.

When I walk through the university grounds I often see empty parking spaces yet see both students and staff parking on the nearby streets.

A few suggestions: the £8,000 would be better spent finding out why students and staff choose to park on the streets rather than using the empty spaces on the university grounds and address that.

They should be using empty spaces on campus rather than parking on the street, then the problem would be solved.

Perhaps it is the cost of parking on campus?

Perhaps give residents free passes to park in those empty university car park spaces if the staff/students won’t use them?

Perhaps the university should 100 per cent fund a parking scheme from the money they make out of campus car park charges so that residents are not financially punished for the issues their staff/students cause?

I, for one, would vote yes to a scheme only if this was the case.

Bowerham resident

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