Pack Bare necessities of life for a long car wait

Bare Lane railway station crossing.
Bare Lane railway station crossing.

Recently I sat at the barriers at Bare Lane Crossing in the delivery car for 20 minutes without any train crossing before turning back round and going the Broadway route to Torrisholme.

Coming back down the now congested Beaufort Road and over Broadway Bridge, I could still see the barriers flashing after 30 minutes (16:08 to 16:38).

This happens a lot without any trains crossing but the average for waiting for a train is around five minutes.

Sunday evening at 23:30 to 00:30 the barriers were down again. Tempers were fraying and pedestrians crossed the railway line themselves.

Drivers of course had no other option but to drive away via another route.

At Hest Bank crossing expect to wait quite a few minutes as the barriers protect the many expresses and freight trains that thunder past each way at high speeds but at Bare Lane during certain parts of the day one could starve waiting for the next train to arrive.

I know of at least one business seeing a massive downturn in trade since the barriers were installed last year; even more so now.

While not wishing to ignore the railway crossing deaths in the UK over recent times I’m happy that motorists and pedestrians in Bare are safe in the knowledge that they’ll never witness such carnage or death on the B5275.

Hard-hitting TV ads and information introduced by Network Rail have helped educate some about the danger of railway crossings but by keeping the barriers down at Bare Lane station for what seems like a lifetime, I can predict that more people will think of more devious and dangerous ways to get across.

So here’s a handy guide to cut out and keep should you decide to venture down the B5275 today.

Bring with you: limes to combat scurvy, two changes of clothing and three changes of underwear, three litres of water and salt tablets, details of next-of-kin and dental records if possible, tinned food is essential (don’t bring perishable goods like celery as wilting may occur), sleeping bag and alarm clock, mobile phone and charger, large can of anti-perspirant, photograph album of loved ones, etc, etc.

C Seddon

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