Own up to St John’s Church damage

St John's Church in Lancaster.
St John's Church in Lancaster.

Why is it that no one seems willing to accept responsibility for the damage to St John’s Church? This beautiful Georgian church has stood firmly for over 250 years, withstanding the vibrations from heavy traffic for many years with no damage to the fabric or stonework.

Now United Utilities come along with their jackhammers, etc, and suddenly important parts of the stonework begin collapsing. They say it’s nothing to do with them but what else could have caused this damage?

It’s not rocket science, there hasn’t been a meteor strike, nobody has been up a ladder to chip away at the mortar, so come on United Utilities, admit you got it wrong by not doing a risk assessment on the building.

Do the necessary repairs and return this beautiful much loved building to the many people who love and use it regularly.

Mrs Annette Smyth

Alfred Street