Nuclear comes first

Heysham 1 Power Station.
Heysham 1 Power Station.
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In opposing new investment and employment in low carbon renewable energy in the district, MP David Morris is quoted as saying in the Lancaster Guardian: “I’m dead against all wind farms. My worry is who is going to decommissioning them when they live out their lifespan.”

Mr Morris lacks no such imagination in arguing for a third nuclear reactor in the district. In 2007 the estimated cost of decommissioning our present nuclear stations was put at £70 billion and has undoubtedly risen since. In addition, the clean up of Sellafield is put at £73 billion and rising fast.

This is a massive tax payer funded, nationalised expenditure of £143 billion for one part of one hugely polluting industry. For some comparison the total expenditure of Lancaster City for 2014/15 is £121 million. This years total NHS cost is £171 billion.

It is depressing to see our local MP so dogmatically wedded to draining the public coffers of services for future generations.

The cost of de-commissioning our nuclear plants is at least £73bn pounds http:// power-station.

The cost of cleaning up Sellafield is at least another £70bn

Chris Hart

Woodville Street