Nothing but kindness from Lancaster hospital staff

Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Royal Lancaster Infirmary

With reference to the recent hospital report, I feel strongly that a voice should speak for those, who like me, have had nothing but good care and kindness from nurses, medics, technicians, auxiliary staff, porters and all concerned on the few occasions I have had to be in a ward in recent years.

I used to work as a consultant in the Lancaster and Kendal district hospitals, as far back as 1959, until I retired in the 1980s. In those days the hospital was pretty full of happy people.

Since then the buildings and staff have increased enormously.

The hospital group of Lancaster and Kendal was managed by a committee of seven – three doctors elected by consultants, GPs and Public Health staff; the senior nurse; the senior finance officer; a person responsible for the buildings and general maintenance; and chaired by an administrator.

The administrator, who was very good, had one deputy in each hospital.

I do not know how the numbers of those with genuine complaints compare with those like me with none, but this letter is merely to speak out for those who have enjoyed good experiences of the hospitals.

If anyone’s work is below standard, please recognise it, correct it and bring the reputation of the Lancaster and district hospitals up to what should be, at least, very good, if not excellent.

Dr R D Young