Northern Link is out-of-date idea

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After reading the article in the Lancaster Guardian about the legal challenge on the link road, I think that Steve McCreesh, project manager on the link road, has a cheek to complain about campaigners costing Lancashire County Council £25,000, when it wants to waste £12.3 million of taxpayers’ money on a road that it admits won’t solve congestion.

I have listened to many arguments and I do not believe that it will bring the projected jobs, regenerate Morecambe or solve congestion.

With all the new developments planned for Lancaster, it is obvious that another bridge over the Lune in Lancaster is necessary, along with road widening, and the 1960s gyratory system being modernised, etc.

The idea of the Northern Link Road is about as out of date as the present gyratory system.

J Wetter


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