No solution for visitors

St Leonarsgate car park.
St Leonarsgate car park.

Copy of a reply sent to David Hopwood, Parking and Administration Manager, Environmental Services, Lancaster City Council.

I have read through your letter a number of times looking for an apology for the very cold, wet welcome Lancaster gave us when we last came to the city and a solution to the parking problem and I see neither, just a great load of corporate speak.

In the end it all comes down to one thing – money. Councils, not just yours, must dance around the Mayoral chamber when residents complain about not being able to park – kerching.

Other towns and cities have found a solution to the problem, sadly Lancaster has not. The M6 solution will not be a solution to those like ourselves who drive in on the A6, and going by the charges you impose for car parks and residents’ parking I cannot see your charges being cheap.

Sadly you give us no reason to return when other towns and cities are far more accessible. I hope it won’t one day come to me saying to your council I told you so.

Kevin Hodgson


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