No power to the people

The land at Coastal Road, Bolton-le-Sands.
The land at Coastal Road, Bolton-le-Sands.
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Both Labour and Conservative parties promise us that we will have more open government, with major decisions taken locally.

Mrs Thatcher actually gave power to local government, until left-wing councils in Liverpool and London started selling off museums and other buildings to Swiss banks and renting them back at extortionate rates; then she took all the power back, and took even more on top.

Tony Blair promised the same thing and simply ignored the promise when in power. Cameron even gave us a Localism Act, but council planning departments totally ignored the wishes of local people and the parish councils, stating that the regulations by which they were bound overrode the Localism Act.

The perverse decision of the planning inspector (Leader, Guardian, February 21) confirms the planning department’s view that the Localism Act has no teeth, and can be simply ignored.

Time and again, local people have objected, mostly against the proposed installation of massive wind turbines close to their homes, and their views have been ignored.

Is it any wonder that people do not trust politicians?

Perhaps we should follow the Swiss and have referenda every three months, and these decisions override the government’s decisions. That is closer to being a democratic system than ours.

Coun Keith Sowden 
(Free Independent, Overton Ward, 
Lancaster CC), 
Chairman, Overton Parish Council

Stephens Grove