No-one pays attention

20mph sign.
20mph sign.
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Being a recently arrived resident in Westbourne Road where the speed limit from the turning at the main traffic lights up to the station and on through Westbourne Road through to Abraham Heights is a 20mph area, I have yet to see many of the numerous cars, vans, wagons and busses that use this road daily, stick to the 20 limit.

Some are often doing in excess of 40mph and when leaving or entering my property I have been hooted and flashed at by motorists who are often travelling well above the designated limit.

On enquiring to the Police for advice on this problem I was informed that it was on the Chief Constable’s orders that the breaking of the 20mph limit in the city area was not on their list of priorities. Perhaps we should then scrap all speed limits within the Lancaster and Morecambe area as no one seems interested in enforcing them, with the exception of the motorway where a camera van can often be seen on bridges checking car speeds. But there they have easy remote access to target the motorists who then cannot complain to the camera van operators, and a nice easy source of revenue to boot.

Dennis Talbot

Westbourne Road